Save Energy in Warmer Weather with Focus On Energy

The weather will only continue to get warmer through the summer, and with that comes the need for ventilation. Fans and ventilation systems can use a lot of energy, but the people at Focus On Energy want to help find ways to make these more efficient in your operation.

If you’re looking to replace or upgrade your fans or systems, Focus On Energy offers many financial incentives when moving to higher-efficiency models. “This year, in 2021, we have really good incentives available,” says Saurabh Betawadkar, Lead Energy Advisor. These incentives can cover anything from circulation fans to ventilation fans for your facilities.

Incentives are also available now relating to horticultural lighting. Indoor farms, vertical farms or greenhouses can qualify to increase their efficiency related to their grow lighting. If you are upgrading or replacing your fixtures, financial incentives are available to help cut costs. “Get in touch with [Focus On Energy] ahead of time,” said Betawadkar, to make sure the fixtures qualify for the incentives and learn the specific requirements of the program.

Focus On Energy knows the importance of saving energy even through the pandemic. “We are comfortable doing whatever is best for the customers,” said Betawadkar in regards to their service going forward. They will serve customers in any way requested, whether that is by email, mail, phone or by in-person with extra safety precautions.

Click play below to hear the full conversation between Farm Director, Pam Jahnke and Saurabh Betawadkar, Lead Energy Advisor for Focus On Energy. To check out their agribusiness offerings, visit them online or call 1-800-762-7077.