Rockefeller Center Turns Into A Dairy Farm Experience

This week, Organic Valley launched a new campaign that highlights the importance of the food system and protecting small organic family farms.

According to Organic Valley, the U.S. is losing 100,000 family farms each decade. The cooperative adds the country faced record-high temperatures this summer leading to an uncertain future for food system resiliency.

To launch the campaign, “Protecting Where Your Food Comes From,” Climate Week NYC is getting its first-ever organic farm experience. Organic Valley is transforming the iconic Rockefeller Center Channel Gardens into a pop-up organic dairy farm experience.

Open to the public Sep. 20 and Sep. 21 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST, this family-friendly farmstead comes alive with a series of hands-on, immersive activities. Climate Week attendees and New Yorkers alike will get to meet farmers without leaving the Big Apple. They’ll get to know real organic dairy farmers, sample Organic Valley’s farm-fresh dairy products, sit on a tractor, and dig into the stories of resilience and climate-friendly dairy innovation.

Organic Valley says its dairy farms average 24 percent lower greenhouse gas emissions than conventional dairy farms.

“There’s often a one-sided view presented about animal agriculture and a perceived need to reduce milk and meat consumption to lower carbon impact, but we aim to showcase the other side: ethically sourced organic dairy done right – organically on family farms,” says Jaclyn Cardin, Chief Brand Officer at Organic Valley.

While the event in NYC is a moment in time, the campaign is intended to live on for years.

More About The Campaign

New Yorkers will discover the campaign in subways, buses, billboards, and even a vivid painted mural in Brooklyn. It aims to inspire people to protect where their food comes from by choosing dairy from small organic family farms.

To amplify the reach and awareness of Organic Valley, the cooperative is also collaborating with Whole Foods Market for events.

Organic Valley is elevating the campaign through social media. Styled like wildlife documentaries, these videos showcase the rich biodiversity found on organic farms.