Registration Open for Virtual Perennial Farm Gathering Conference

The following is a message from DATCP:

In a year of social distancing, we believe the Perennial Farm Gathering is more important than ever to help bring the perennial agriculture community together–practitioners, researchers, and perennial agriculture enthusiasts.

This year’s gathering will be co-hosted with the Association for Temperate Agroforestry. A main focus of the gathering will be the popular five-minute Nutshell Show & Tell talks, which are open to all attendees to share success stories, lessons-learned, or nagging questions to help build knowledge across the region.

Ready to learn something new? Join us for research talks and panels on various topics including financing, environmental and social justice, specific agroforestry crops, as well as fun activities to help network with other practitioners, researchers, ag professionals, and anyone interested in perennial agriculture! Learn more at

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