Reach Out To Your Legislator

Additional investment in state meat processing infrastructure, workforce, and inspection capacity, farmer-led environmental projects, and rural broadband are critical conversations happening at the Wisconsin State Capitol for the 2021-23 biennial budget bill.

Jordan Lamb, partner at DeWitt LLP, says, “We learned during the pandemic how fragile our state meat processing infrastructure is.” Additional investment would help expand the capacity in the meat supply chain.

Wisconsin Pork Association is also advocating for a farmer-led nitrogen optimization pilot program and increase funding for the producer-led watershed grant program. Lamb says, “When you ask farmers to engage in environmental changes on the farm and those changes come from the ground up, you have a high level of success and engagement and we believe that can make a real difference on both the farm and environmental policy.”

The other issue that is of main concern is rural broadband. Wisconsin agriculture knows this issue well enough from the pandemic and will become a high priority for the 2021-23 Biennial Budget Bill.

If you want you voice heard reach out to your legislators. Lamb recommends, “Tell them what’s happening in your business and on your farm. That’s the best way to make sure those who represent you understand what it’s like to work in Wisconsin Agriculture.”