Pump Assessment Offering and VSD Bonus:

Are you struggling with an oversized or inefficient pumping system? Focus on Energy offers a comprehensive assessment to identify performance issues and provide opportunities for improvement. Customers who schedule a pump assessment with a Focus on Energy registered Trade Ally can receive:

  • $500/pump assessed
  • Up to 100% off the assessment cost
  • Qualifying motors must be 75 HP or greater and operate a minimum of 500 hours per year
  • Install a variable speed drive (VSD) on your pump system following your assessment and you’ll be eligible for a BONUS:
  • 50% bonus, up to $2,000
  • Total incentive, including the bonus, can’t exceed equipment costs
  • Projects must be completed within six months of the assessment (no later than December 31, 2022)

Schedule your pump assessment with a Focus on Energy Trade Ally and uncover the potential energy savings. Review the Pump Assessment Overview and Application at focusonenergy.com/agribusiness for more information and to get started.

Adding Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) on Ventilation Equipment

Variable frequency drives should be installed at the same time as fans to reduce overall labor costs, ensure the design of the ventilation system is optimized prior to installation, and guarantee the controls for the fans are compatible and integrated with other controls systems

Customers can receive the following incentives:

  • Ventilation/Exhaust Fan, Dairy and Other (non-dairy) , ≥ 48” with Variable Speed – $250/fan

Check out the 2022 Agribusiness Catalog to learn more about this and other offerings. Visit focusonenergy.com/catalogs to download a copy. Remember, applications must be postmarked or emailed within 60 calendar days of equipment installation to qualify for incentives (unless otherwise specified).

Are you interested in participating? Contact your local Energy Advisor to get started! For a complete list of incentives, visit focusonenergy.com/agribusiness or call 888.623.2146.