PSC Explains Natural Gas Prices

This fall, energy prices were predicted to be higher this winter than in previous years. But those higher natural gas rates can still come as a surprise when you’re looking at that energy bill.

Martin Day leads energy regulation at the Public Service Commission. He tells the Mid-West Farm Report why prices are high: increased demand for natural gas as the economy reopens after COVID shutdowns (nationally and internationally), supply of natural gas in North America is not keeping up with the pace of economic reopening, inflation pressures, and hot weather patterns this summer required plants to burn natural gas for electric power generation.

The good news? He says future gas contracts have leveled off and even gone down compared to the highs of the summer and fall.  

If those energy bills are tightening up your budget at home, on the farm or at your business, there’s options out there for you. Kristy Nieto leads consumer affairs at the Public Service Commission. She says you can look into: incentives through Focus on Energy, budget billing, grant/aid/COVID programs, and payment arrangements.

The statewide customer care center number is 1-800-506-5596. You can also visit