Propane Industry Says Supply & Prices Look Good

You may not be ready for the cold snaps to begin, but the Wisconsin propane industry is. The Wisconsin Propane Gas Association says its confident in the amount of supply they have in storage to start the propane season.

Executive Director Cheryl Lytle says the supply is on the higher-end of the 3-5 year average.

“We have a very high level of storage and supply in the state already… a good way to start the season,” she says.

And so far, the weather indicates that agriculture and housing won’t be competing for supply this year. In addition, agriculture needs will look different this year because of the drought. Lytle says this is because there may be less grain coming in as more producers use their corn for silage.

When it comes to using propane, Wisconsin ranks No. 5. Residential propane — heating homes — accounts for about 70 percent of propane usage. Agriculture uses about 6 percent, but spikes in the fall.

Lytle adds that propane prices are also favorable this year.

“Propane is a great value these days, that’s for sure. In the Midwest, propane is at the lowest rate, so really this is a great time to chose propane.”