Project Aims To Transform Upper Midwest

Grassland 2.0, a new collaborative group based at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, is working to create more opportunities for grazing in an effort to help restore soil health and transform farming systems in the Upper Midwest.

Randy Jackson, a UW-Madison professor of agronomy who is leading the project, says that their goal is to reach beyond just the agriculture sector, and connect people to food, land and farms. 

In 2022, Grassland 2.0 will be engaging with the public through learning hubs and a survey aimed at determining people’s attitudes towards farming, including ways farmers would be interested in using their land. 

This is the first kind of survey with this level of scope that has been done in almost 10 years, says Brad Barham, a Grassland Economist working with the project.

The Grassland 2.0 project includes collaborators from research universities, producers, processors and farm organizations. It is federally funded through the USDA’s National Institute for Food and Agriculture.

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