Prevent Stray Voltage

While stray voltage cases on farms have gone down in the last few decades, UW-Extension continues to bring attention to the issue. The Midwest Rural Energy Council is hosting a stray voltage investigation course Sept. 21-23.

Stray voltage is the mild voltage that comes from the grounding wire in an electric system. It can produce a shock due to a fault in the electrical power system. The upcoming courses will go over stray voltage prevention and fixes.

Doug Reinemann is the associate dean of extension and outreach at the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences at UW-Madison. He explains stray voltage can impact an animal’s day-to-day routine. For example, if a dairy cow experiences a slight shock where it drinks water, she may stop drinking water to avoid the shock.

The investigation courses:

Introduction to Stray Voltage: Sept. 21
Stray Voltage Investigation: Sept. 22-23
Advanced Stray Voltage Investigation: Nov. 16-17

Registration will open tomorrow: