Packers Legend, Cheese Lover Prepares For Game Day

He may be best known as the 4-time pro bowl defensive back for the Green Bay Packers and the creator of the famous and fan favorite Lambeau Leap. However, since his retirement from the NFL, LeRoy Butler is ‘tackling’ his love of food and sharing game-changing recipes. He has teamed up with Wisconsin cheese to celebrate the big game. Aaron Zimmerman was able to catch up with LeRoy Butler to hear what he has planned.

In your preparations for the Super Bowl this Sunday, there are numerous ways to use Wisconsin cheese. LeRoy Butler has worked on putting together the ultimate Bloody Mary Game Day Cheese Board with something everybody can enjoy. He shares that with over 600 varieties of Wisconsin cheese, you can build it with whatever types you like. His personal favorites include bleu cheese, havarti, mozzarella and pepper jack. Also included on the cheese board he adds some chicken wings, brats and anything else you like to compliment the cheese. One highlight for Butler is his bloody mary made with his Leap Vodka.

First and foremost on gameday is having fun, even if the Packers didn’t make it to the Super Bowl. “When people eat, they normally feel in a much better mood about the Packers not being in the big game,” Butler says. He also adds that we can always look forward to next year to cheer them on. Getting together with family and friends, your cheese board and dinner table can be full of wonderful food for all ages made with real Wisconsin cheese.

Make sure you are using real Wisconsin cheese in anything you make for the game, that will boast the Proudly Wisconsin Cheese badge. Wisconsin wins more awards for cheese than anywhere else, and is the only place outside of Switzerland with a master cheesemaker program. When you see that badge, you know you’re getting quality. For more recipes and information to prepare for the big game visit There you can find recipes, including some from LeRoy Butler, as well as cooking tips and more info about Wisconsin cheese. “We’re going to make in 2022, Wisconsin cheese be the number one for tailgates that can’t miss,” says Butler.