No Truck Drivers? No Toilet Paper.

We’re seeing a limited supply of toilet paper on the shelves… again. But this time, it’s isn’t a hoarding issue.

A majority of Wisconsin’s timber is used for pulp and paper making. And the state has enough of that. Paper manufacturing is also a strength in Wisconsin, and producers are making lots of paper. So why are we seeing empty shelves?

Wisconsin Paper Council President Scott Suder says it’s a transportation issue. A shortage of truck drivers is making it difficult to get 1) timber to the mill and 2) bath tissue to the store. He says while there’s a driver shortage, paper companies are looking at other options to make sure products get on shelves.

But there’s a worker shortage in the mills as well. These are issues that impact every manufacturer in the state and every industry from restaurants to agriculture. Suder says paper is an example of how supply chain issues impact consumers. There is paper, but labor shortages and transportation problems are preventing it from getting on shelves.  

Suder says he hopes that workforce and transportation is a temporary issue to paper manufactures’ bottom line. But he says national inflation also plays a role in raising prices, which is something they can’t control.