New Leadership For Beef Council

The Wisconsin Beef Council Board elected new leadership and established priorities to drive demand for beef in the 2022 fiscal year during its annual meeting held in September.

Rosie Lisowe, a dairy farmer from Chilton, Wis., will lead the 23-member board as president for the next two years. Lisowe serves on the board through appointment by the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation. Lisowe accepted the president’s role following Val Gaffney, a seedstock producer from Barneveld, Wis, who completed her two-year term.

“Being elected as president is an honor,” Lisowe said. “One of the goals I really would like to see is the producers knowing where their dollar is going and what it is being spent on to help move their product whether it is within the country or exporting it out of the country. I think there is great value there.”

Lisowe will also act as the Federation of State Beef Councils director on behalf of Wisconsin. Gaffney will continue to serve on the Executive Committee as past president.

The board elected Amy Radunz of Ellsworth, Wis. as president-elect. Radunz serves as one of the Wisconsin Cattlemen’s Association appointed board members. Curt Larson of Equity Cooperative Livestock Sales accepted the position of secretary-treasurer.

In addition to Lisowe, Radunz, and Larson, the board elected committee chairs and two at-large members to serve one-year terms on the Executive Committee. (Upon Larson’s election as secretary-treasurer, the Consumer Information Committee will select a new committee chair at a later date.)

Brad Solchenberger, Equity Cooperative Livestock Sales – Promotion Committee
Jim Rychtik, Milwaukee Stockyards – Producer Communications/Industry Information Committee
Brady Zuck, Wisconsin Cattlemen’s Association – At-Large Member
Jack Johnson, Wisconsin Cattlemen’s Association – At-Large Member

The following individuals completed their terms on the board and were recognized for their dedication to the beef industry:
Allan Cihlar, Equity Cooperative Livestock Sales
Dwight Truttman, Equity Cooperative Livestock Sales
Tina Hinchley, Wisconsin Farmers Union
Jay Heeg, Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin
Forrest Johnson, Central Livestock Association

The Wisconsin Beef Council Board is made up of individuals appointed by statewide organizations to serve three-year terms. Those individuals either pay the Beef Checkoff and/or collect the Checkoff. The organizations’ mission is to build beef demand that is sustainable for future generations.

Also during its annual meeting, the WBC Board approved the fiscal year 2022 budget which starts on October 1. The programs for the coming year will work to address the following core strategies that were identified in a recent board planning session. These strategies were prioritized by the board after review of the National Beef Industry Long Range Plan (

WBC Board Strategic Priorities
Promote and capitalize on the multiple advantages of beef
• Promote the role of beef in a healthy and sustainable diet
• Cultivate collaborative promotion partnerships
Grow Consumer Trust in Beef Production
• Educate medical professionals, diet and health experts about beef and beef production
• Collaborate with traditional and non-traditional partners to tell the positive story of beef cattle production
• Expand efforts in educating the general public about the BQA program and its impact on animal well-being
Drive growth in beef exports
• Collaborate with targeted partners to promote U.S. beef in foreign markets by investing in research, marketing, and education programs.