New Leadership at Wisconsin Cattlemen’s Association

The Wisconsin Cattlemen’s Association (WCA) announced the appointment of Tressa Lacy as its new President. With a deep-rooted passion for the beef industry and a commitment to community engagement, she brings a fresh perspective and a wealth of experience to the helm of the organization.

Originally hailing from Missouri, Lacy has been calling Wisconsin home since 2017. Driven by a desire to connect with like-minded individuals in the industry, she joined the WCA. From the time she joined, she quickly immersed herself in various roles within the association. She served as publications chair, membership chair and also co-chaired their Winter Conference

As she transitions into her new role, Lacy has some ambitious goals. She says her goals are aimed at further enhancing WCA’s impact and outreach across the state. Key priorities include updating organizational policies and bylaws. She also wants to foster greater engagement within committees and encourage broader participation.

“I believe in the power of community and collaboration,” Lacy says. “As a young female in a predominantly male organization, I hope to serve as a welcoming presence and inspire others to join. Together, we can strengthen our voice and drive positive change within the beef industry.”

Looking ahead, Lacy is committed to exploring new initiatives and programs. She says she’s focused on finding ways to enrich the membership experience and also address the evolving needs of Wisconsin’s cattle producers. Lacy also plans to emphasize the importance of grassroots involvement. She aims to educate the public about the vital role of cattlemen and foster greater appreciation for their contributions.

In addition to her leadership role within the WCA, she also serves as a board member on the Wisconsin Beef Council. There she actively promotes transparency and consumer awareness in beef production practices.

“I am honored to have the opportunity to lead the Wisconsin Cattlemen’s Association,” Lacy added. “Together with our dedicated members and partners, I am confident that we can build a stronger, more inclusive organization that continues to advocate for the interests of Wisconsin’s beef producers.”