New Dairy Product On The Shelves

With the rise in popularity of ready-to-drink coffee, Prairie Farms is expanding its presence in the category. They are introducing two new single-serve options in Mocha and Caramel flavors.

The cooperative says it was inspired by the success of its iced coffee. These have been sold in half-gallon cartons since 2013.

“Our half-gallon iced coffee has paved a successful path for new single-serve iced coffee options. And we’re proud to say it’s made with 100% real milk,” says Prairie Farms CEO Matt McClelland. “Our farm families work hard to produce high-quality milk, and we’re always looking to support their efforts with new value-added products.”

The single-serve iced coffee options are the cooperative’s first new product launch in 2024. McClelland says many more are coming throughout the year.

Prairie Farms Barista Style Iced Coffee in 14-ounce bottles will be available in thousands of convenience stores in the U.S. Consumers can also find it in grocery stores.