New Dairy Drink A ‘GoodSport’ For Industry

Dairy research in Wisconsin allowed Chicago-native Michelle McBride, who had no previous connection to the dairy industry, create a milk product unlike any other.

McBride is the founder of GoodSport Nutrition, where she launched GoodSport. It’s a first-of-its-kind natural sports drink made from the goodness of milk. And she did this with the help of UW-Madison’s Center for Dairy Research.

GoodSport has been scientifically shown to provide rapid and long-last hydration. It’s ultra-filtered milk, which means the proteins and fat (white color) are taken out, and the lactose is broken down. What’s left are electrolytes and carbohydrates in a clear, lactose free and refreshing beverage. It’s flavored naturally with fruit flavors. You can find it in Festival Foods stores this spring.   

McBride gives a shoutout to Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin and others for supporting innovation happening at the Center for Dairy Research.