New CEO Focuses On Strategy

The Dairy Business Association (DBA) and Edge Dairy Farmer Cooperative have created a new chief executive officer role to focus on strategic priorities within the two organizations. Tim Trotter, newly promoted CEO, says that the dairy industry has a unique opportunity to strengthen their position moving into the future.

He says that dairy needs to figure out how to change in order to stay competitive with other markets, and dairy farmers often rely on DBA and Edge to drive the strategy behind that change.

Technology will continue to be an asset to farmers moving forward, including its use to drive on farm data and sustainability metrics. These metrics, among others, are what Tim says have the potential to attract consumers to dairy instead of plant based products. 

New technologies and strategies for approaching some of the issues including supply chain disruptions, increased demand for plant based products and federal milk marketing orders are at the forefront of discussion for Tim as he transitions into his new role.