More Than $3M Going To Farm Policyholders

The Board of Directors for Rural Mutual Insurance Company declared a 5 percent dividend on all eligible farm policies for 2023 farm policyholders. This is the eighth year in a row a farm dividend has been declared.

In 2024, an estimated $3.3 million will be paid out upon farm policy renewals. Farmers will start getting checks in late February and early March. Over the past eight years, Rural Mutual has paid out $23.6 million to their farm policyholders in Wisconsin.

“This is the program’s most substantial payout yet,” says CEO Dan Merk. “I take great pride that our company’s financial success allows us to reinvest in Wisconsin farms. As an organization rooted in agriculture, the Farm Dividend is a way for us to show our appreciation for the lifeblood of our state.”

In 2017, Rural Mutual Insurance became the first Wisconsin-based insurance company to offer farm policyholders a dividend. This is one of the ways Rural Mutual continues to support its farm policyholders. It also reinforces Rural Mutual’s strong relationship with the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation.