More Than 20,000 WI Farmers Receive Support

Gov. Tony Evers, with the Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection (DATCP) and the Department of Revenue (DOR), announced more than 20,000 Wisconsin farmers received a total of $50 million through the 2021 Farm Support Program. This is the third round of the Farm Support Program which provides direct aid payments to Wisconsin farmers who experienced economic losses due to the coronavirus pandemic. In total, the governor has directed $100 million to support Wisconsin farmers through this program.

“From trade wars and supply chain issues to environmental challenges, Wisconsin farmers and their families have faced challenges for years as they’ve worked to make sure Wisconsinites and families across the country could put food on their tables,” said Gov. Evers. “Our farmers have always had our backs, and we’ve got to have theirs. I’m proud to direct these funds to more than 20,000 Wisconsin farmers to help bolster their businesses, support our rural communities, and ensure the long-term recovery and success of our farmers, their families, and agricultural industries across our state.”

The first two rounds of the Farm Support Program distributed more than $50 million to more than 15,000 farmers across the state in 2020. This most recent round of the Farm Support Program saw a 33 percent increase in applications. Direct support to farmers through three rounds of the Farm Support Program exceeded $1 million in more than half of Wisconsin’s 72 counties. For example, through all three rounds of the program, Grant County farmers received more than $6 million in support, while support directed to farmers in Marathon and Dodge Counties exceeded $3.6 million, and, in several counties in southwestern, central, and western Wisconsin, support for farmers surpassed $2 million, among others. A breakdown by county for the first, second, and third rounds and combined totals for the Farm Support Program are available here.

“Governor Evers announced the newest round of the Farm Support Program in August, and our staff and industry stakeholders used that time to highlight the news to producers across the state,” said DATCP Secretary Randy Romanski. “One in nine Wisconsin jobs are in an agriculture-related field, so the interest that we saw in this program has far-reaching impacts. Farmers recirculate these dollars in their local communities.”

DOR administered the program, including sending letters to pre-qualified farmers with between $10,000 and $5 million in gross income.

“This round of the Farm Support Program saw 20,415 farmers apply from diverse farming operations including dairy, livestock, and crops,” said DOR Secretary Peter Barca. “This application process went smoothly, and I am pleased we were able to assist Governor Evers as he makes these crucial investments in our hard-working farmers and agriculture economy.”

For more on the Farm Support Program, see the DATCP Farm Support Program page