Monroe Cheesemakers Make Statement

A highly regarded Wisconsin cheese brand plans to grow and maintain its cheese businesses in Green County and the Monroe area, even though their relationship with a local milk cooperative has recently come to an end.

Maple Leaf Cheesemakers was surprised to learn Maple Leaf Cheese Cooperative filed for Chapter 11 relief on December 9. “We honored our existing contract in full, and then, ultimately, couldn’t come to an agreement that worked for our needs and the needs of the Cooperative members in this challenging business environment. We are grateful for our 24 years with Maple Leaf Cooperative, and wish them the best,” said President Shirley Knox.

“We understand how similar our names can be and realize many people may mistake us for the Coop,” Knox said. Maple Leaf Cheesemakers, Inc., is a completely separate company from Maple Leaf Cheese Coop and has no business connection with the Cooperative.

“Maple Leaf Cheesemakers staff is hard at work producing Maple Leaf Cheese branded products in new plants with the collaboration of our talented Cheesemakers,” Knox said.

”And, we’re committed to Monroe and Green County. We know our future will continue to have strong ties to the local community. We’re offering all 22 plant workers from the Maple Leaf plant a position with other businesses in our area,” she said.

“We have something special here. Due to our cheesemakers, and dedicated employees, Maple Leaf Cheesemakers regularly brings home awards recognizing the outstanding cheeses we create. U.S. and international judges know Wisconsin, Green County and the Monroe area for our top quality cheeses.” Knox said. “We plan to keep it that way.”