Milk Checks & Cow Health

This week’s episodes of The Dairy Signal from Professional Dairy Producers will feature top dairy researchers from across the country with practical recommendations for dairy producers.

The episodes air live from 12-1 p.m. each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Live sessions offer attendees the opportunity to engage in open Q&A with the speakers; recorded sessions are available later in the day. All Dairy Signal episodes are accessible through

Tuesday, April 19

Adjust your feeding strategy to feed more economically and take advantage of the continued popularity of protein and fat by maximizing components in the bulk tank. Learn how to read your milk check and make adjustments to capture opportunities with Cornell University Professor Thomas Overton, who also directs PRO-DAIRY.

Wednesday, April 20
How familiar are you with today’s selective-dry-cow-therapy options? Learn best practices to establish protocols, identify cows for treatment, monitor the program’s efficacy and identify cows with subclinical infections with Dr. Chris Booth, a partner at Dairy Doctors Veterinary Services.

Thursday, April 21

Pain management should be a critical part of a farm’s animal-health program. Hear practical approaches and best practices for managing pain in procedures such as dehorning, calving, lameness, injury and illness, and take a look at the public’s expectations for animal pain management with Dr. Hans Coetzee, a Kansas State University professor.