Meet Your National Hereford Queen

Have you ever laid eyes on the National Hereford Queen? If you have, you’d have noticed she’s dressed head to toe in white… and there’s a reason for that! The outfit is just one of the requirements bestowed on the queen.

Wisconsin’s Hereford industry and agriculture as a whole is well-represented on the national stage. Madison Katzenberger is the third-ever National Hereford Queen to hail from Wisconsin. In this role, she’s the spokeswoman for Hereford cattle producers and industry representatives at shows, sales and events across the country. Madison isn’t a stranger to the crown as she was the 2022 Wisconsin Hereford Queen. She tells Mid-West Farm Report her passion for Hereford cattle started at the home farm in Monroe. 

If you see her at a show, be sure to ask about her socks — she’s always got Christmas-themed stockings on! She’s also got quite the trophy case.

Katzenberger is a proud, third-generation Hereford breeder. She and her family raise Hereford cattle at their farm, Plum River Ranch, in Monroe. She’s the daughter of Wisconsin Hereford Association members Eric and Rosie Katzenberger. Madison’s grandparents, Nick and Lenore Katzenberger, are also Wisconsin Hereford Association members.

The National Hereford Queen program is sponsored through the American Hereford Association,
by the National Hereford Women organization. The program started in 1955. Katzenberger is the third National Hereford Queen from Wisconsin. She joins Annah Dobson (2017) and Katy Beckett (1989) in receiving the honor of being selected as the National Hereford Queen. 

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