Meet Some “Rising Stars”

The Dairy Signal kicks off June with presentations from two “rising stars” from the dairy research team of Dr. Heather White, PhD, Associate Professor of Nutritional Physiology of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, including Ryan Pralle, Assistant Professor of Animal Science and Researcher, Dairy Innovation Hub, UW-Platteville and Henry Holdorf, PhD Candidate, Department of Animal and Dairy Sciences, UW-Madison. They will share research updates on sub-clinical ketosis and the impact of rumen-protected choline on cow health.

Paul Bleiberg, Senior Vice President, Government Relations, National Milk Producers Federation, will share updates from Washington, DC, and how changes could impact dairy policy and economy.  Gary Sipiorski, independent business and financial consultant and Dr. Kevin Bernhardt, Professor of Agribusiness at UW-Platteville School of Agriculture and Farm Management Specialist, will outline key elements of business and financial IQ for today’s dairy farms.

Developed by fellow dairy farmers from the PDPW Board of Directors, The Dairy Signal is a weekly series of free educational episodes offering insights and resources for fellow dairy farmers and other food system professionals throughout the value chain. The episodes air live from 12:00-1:00 PM CT each Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday; recorded sessions are available later in the day.