Measuring Soil Health Like Never Before

In partnership with Trace Genomics, Midwestern BioAg adopts the most advanced, commercially-available soil testing in the industry. Trace Genomics provides a full chemical soil test and 21 biology and pathology analyses to demonstrate changes in soil health through the effects of management practices.

With the advanced soil analytics by Trace Genomics, Midwestern BioAg consultants can now track numerous soil health metrics on customers’ farms such as changes to soil bacterial populations, nitrogen and phosphorus cycling, active soil carbon, and total organic carbon among many other important parameters. 

Midwestern BioAg consultants can more accurately scout and predict disease pressure by measuring populations of Anthracnose, Rhizoctonia, and other significant soil-borne diseases. Total organic carbon is an important component of soil health and will increasingly be used for verifying soil carbon accumulations, leading to other sources of revenue for our customers through carbon trading. 

For nearly 40 years, Midwestern BioAg has worked to improved soil health through biological farming – understanding that biology is equally as important as the physical and chemical properties of soil.

Improvements to soil biology have previously been demonstrated most often through crop performance. Recognizing that changes in soil biology have historically been difficult to detect, Midwestern BioAg is excited to implement these analyses in showcasing how the Midwestern BioAg program improves soil health for customer’s fields – overall, making their farmers more resilient and profitable.