Make The Most Of Feed

This week’s The Dairy Signal episodes from Professional Dairy Producers will help dairy producers make the most of their feed sources and technology while managing through today’s economy.

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Tuesday Aug. 9

Alternative feedstuffs such as non-consumable food items are a hot topic as dairy producers look to make the most of potential ration ingredients while maintaining production, cow health and profitability.  Learn how to incorporate these alternative feedstuffs into rations and understand how cattle can break these items down. Episode presenter will be Gail Carpenter, dairy production professor at Iowa State University.

Wednesday, Aug. 10

With seven months of 2022 behind us, hear about strategies to successfully navigate your dairy business through an environment of both high milk prices and high input costs, and look ahead at what may be in store for the rest of the year. Episode presenter will be Will Babler of Atten Babler Commodities. 

Thursday, Aug. 11

Dive into research about the role that activity monitoring systems on dairy farms can play in predicting fertility as well as how these systems can be used to manage groups of cows based on their activity levels. The episode will also feature a discussion comparing estrus detection programs with timed A.I. programs. Episode presenter will be Julio Giordano, dairy cattle biology professor at Cornell University.

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