Make It Back To Deer Camp Safely

Include ATV/UTV safety gear as part of a safe hunt this season. Photo by Wisconsin DNR

The Wisconsin DNR reminds hunters to include helmets and seatbelts as part of a safe hunt this season. These essential pieces of safety equipment are vital to ensuring safety of operators and passengers in the field.

Each year, people hurt themselves during ATV/UTV crashes while hunting. A helmet and seatbelt can be just as important in keeping hunters safe as wearing blaze orange. Taking a few seconds to buckle up and put on a helmet can save your life.

“ATVs and UTVs are great machines to aid in setting up tree stands, going to your favorite hunting spot or retrieving game. However, they must be operated with safety being the top priority,” says Lt. Jacob Holsclaw, DNR Off-highway Vehicle Administrator. “Wear a helmet and use a seatbelt if provided. When hunting on public lands, make sure you are aware of the local regulations for use of ATVs or UTVs on these properties.”

Be sure to follow all rules related to ATVs/UTVs and hunting:

  • It is illegal to discharge any firearm, including handguns, in or from any moving or stationary ATV/UTV.
  • No person may place, possess or transport a firearm, bow or crossbow in or on an ATV/UTV, unless one of the following applies: handgun or unloaded firearm
  • The bow does not have an arrow nocked.
  • The crossbow is not cocked or is unloaded.
  • Find additional ATV/UTV hunting rules in the Wisconsin ATV/UTV Regulations.
  • One of the best things ATV and UTV operators can do to operate safely is to take an online safety course.

Wisconsin law requires every operator involved in a crash incident to report the incident without delay to law enforcement officials. In addition, the operator must submit a written report to the DNR within 10 days of the incident.