Maintaining Fences In The Fall

Editor’s note: The Gemplers Test Plot series is created in partnership with Gemplers Farm & Home Supply Co.

As we get into the fall season, the grass on pastures is getting shorter and less plentiful. With that comes the need to maintain fence as cows may begin looking for more to eat. Whether you have fence on a few or a few hundred acres, there are many tools to help get the job done efficiently and effectively.

Farm assistant, Aaron Zimmerman will tackle a fencing job with his wife, Leeah on their farm in southwest Wisconsin.  They have to make sure the fences are in good shape and sturdy to keep the beef cows contained. They work on fixing a piece of broken barbed wire fence, as well as tightening other sections.

Certain tools can help you fix your fence easily, without lugging heavy equipment out into the pasture. The tools they use all fit in a five gallon bucket with room to spare! These tools also help to fix the fence without compromising the strength of the wire, and should keep it sturdy for a long time.

The tools they use from Gempler’s include: Gempler’s Cowhide Fencing Gloves, Sugar River Chore Boots, Jake’s Wire Tighteners and Handle Tool, Heavy Duty Splice Crimper, and Barbed Wire Splices.

To see the full video of their fencing adventure, click on the link below: