Love in Bloom: Florists Gear Up For Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, florists are gearing up for what is traditionally their busiest time of the year. Despite being a well-established holiday, the demand for floral arrangements continues to soar. This prompts florists to anticipate and prepare for the surge in orders.

“Valentine’s Day is always a whirlwind for us,” says Nichole Campbell, owner of Petal Pusher Floral Studio and Wisconsin and Upper Michigan Florists Association president. “We’ve been ramping up preparations since December. We’re working closely with our suppliers to ensure we have enough inventory to meet the demand.”

While roses remain a favorite, other flowers are also in high demand during this romantic season. Tulips, in particular, have gained popularity, especially in regions where winter seems endless.

“In the Midwest, where winters can feel endless, tulips are a breath of fresh air,” explains Campbell. “They symbolize the hope of spring and tend to lift people’s spirits during the dreary winter months.”

Despite the early preparations, many customers don’t start thinking about Valentine’s Day until mid-January, leaving florists scrambling to fulfill last-minute orders.

“We make thousands of deliveries and go through thousands of stems of flowers on Valentine’s Day alone,” says Campbell. “It’s a monumental task, but one that we’re well-prepared for.”

Looking ahead to other floral-centric holidays, such as Mother’s Day, florists are ready to shift their focus once Valentine’s Day is behind them.

“We pretty much focus on Valentine’s Day first and then pivot to Mother’s Day preparations,” explains Campbell. “Each holiday presents its own set of challenges and opportunities, but we’re ready to tackle them head-on.”

Despite challenges in the global supply chain, she says that they have not experienced any significant issues with sourcing flowers.

“We have strong relationships with our growers, who keep us informed of any potential supply chain disruptions. We’re fortunate to have a diverse network of suppliers, ensuring that we can provide our customers with the highest quality flowers.”

In addition to traditional favorites, florists are also noticing a growing trend towards locally-sourced flowers.

“We’re seeing more customers inquire about the origin of their flowers and express interest in supporting local growers. This trend not only supports local economies but also expands the variety of flowers available to us.”