Learn About Livestock Identification

Wisconsin Livestock Identification Consortium (WLIC) is excited to introduce a new educational kit that is currently being distributed to all agricultural classrooms in the state. More than 250 interactive kits are being shipped to agricultural classrooms throughout Wisconsin, providing hands-on education in proper animal tagging procedures and animal disease traceability practices.

Each kit contains:

– A rubber ear – to be used to practice tagging

– A variety of six different tags – to demonstrate different available options

– Reusable tags – to repeat the activity with many students

– A tagger – to allow students to experience tagging firsthand

– A tag cutter – to show how to remove tags and allow the rubber ear to be reused

– A WLIC-branded fabric storage bag – to store the kit in the classroom and reuse for future lessons

Kits include suggestions to help educators incorporate the materials into their lesson plans, step-by-step instructions on tagging procedures and tag removal, digital materials, as well as supplementary reordering options. 

With support from Compeer Financial and Allflex Livestock Intelligence WLIC was able to begin distributing kits. This opportunity would not be possible without their sponsorship, and we appreciate their continued advocacy for traceability education.

The list price of a kit is $125, which includes the cost of shipping. Due to already small educator budgets, WLIC is seeking additional sponsors so even more classrooms can receive them at no cost. All sponsors will be featured on both the educational materials distributed in kits and the accompanying digital resource page on the WLIC website. This an excellent opportunity to introduce students to agricultural studies in a formal classroom setting while also introducing them to the companies that will be their trusted allies as professional producers in Wisconsin.

Sponsorships can be sent to WLIC, 4001 Nakoosa Trail, Suite 203 – Madison, WI 53714.

Additional kits will soon be available on the WLIC website for $125 each. In addition to their utility in agricultural classrooms, they would be a great learning tool for 4H youth groups, FFA clubs, and even industry members.

For many additional resources, access to the animal disease traceability video curated by WLIC, and an order form please visit: www.wiid.org/education.