Lean Red Meat Offered By Bison On The Rise

It may not be at the top of the list when it comes to Wisconsin agriculture’s economic drivers, but bison meat in Wisconsin is finding favor with consumers, and more people are looking at the animals as a source for revenue. This weekend, 1/26-1/28, the Wisconsin Bison Association hopes to lure even more people into investigating this heritage animal and how it fits Wisconsin’s eco system.

Pat Ries, Wisconsin Bison Association board member and owner/operator of Ries’s Tallgrass & Bluestem Bison ranch in Mount Calvary is happy to share their experiences. He says the animals require very little as far as management, and the market for the lean, red meat they produce continues to grow.

Ries says the state currently ranks 6th nationally in the number of bison ranches/farms that we have, producing over 5,800 animals annually. He says they’re also noticing an increasing number of slaughter facilities that are willing to work with producers when it comes to harvesting the animals.

Slaughtering challenges and a new project involving UW-Madison students are a couple of the focal areas for the weekend long conference. They’ll also be touring Maass Family Farms in Seymour. Ries says the group’s particularly pleased to be partnered with the Oneida Nation Farm for the convention event, learning more about their management of bison and beef at the tribes location just outside of Green Bay. You can find convention details and register at the Wisconsin Bison Association’s website.