Latest Scam Targets Potato & Vegetable Farms

It was recently brought to the attention of the WPVGA that there are serious scams occurring within the potato and vegetable industry involving farms and businesses being asked to make fraudulent ACH payments.

Emails are sent that appear to be from a legitimate business but be sure to check that the email address is spelled correctly. The scammers will change one small letter, such as a lower case i to l so that it still looks authentic. Also there may be two email addresses listed with one correct and one with one letter off. Be sure to look at the signature and make sure it is signed by the person writing the email. Please double-check with a phone call to the business if they are asking you to set up ACH payments. Make sure to get verbal confirmation that they are asking you to do this.

Lastly, we strongly encourage you to change your passwords periodically on email accounts and Quickbooks to prevent hackers and scammers from getting access to your systems.