Join WI Youth Livestock’s Next Program

Next session speakers:  Thursday, March 3rd at 7 p.m. is the – Food Safety Challenge, Swine Live, Carcass Evaluation & Meat Cuts from the Meat Science & Animal Biologics Discovery Building

Jim Murray, National Pork Board and Certified Executive Chef
Dr. Jeff Sindelar, Extension Meats Specialist
Bernie O’Rourke, Extension Youth Livestock Specialist
Jim Magolski, Perdue Farms

For registration and details about each presentation, go to:  On this webpage, you can also find an educational verification form.  Complete the form and turn it into your county fair and or livestock committee to verify your participation.  These activities can serve as “county educational requirements”.  

These sessions will provide awareness and knowledge of animal agriculture in these challenge areas listed.  They will also give details on careers and how this area connects with your animal project.  There will be a case study to further develop discussion skills with a local project leader, agriculture, and or science teacher on the discussion topic. Younger youth can learn through a take-home activity they talk about with parents and or project leaders.

Upcoming events:
April 14 – Grand Challenge:  Land and Water
May 12 – Grand Challenge:  Biomedical Advancements