Jefferson County Meat Sale Success

The grand total of the Jefferson County Fair meat sale was $406,769. The meat sale took place Saturday. Justin Thom is the chair of the Jefferson County Meat Animal Project Committee. He oversees the meat sale and education components for meat animal exhibitors. 

After a year without the fair, that grand total surpasses 2019 numbers by more than $30,000. In 2019, the grand total was $376,607.75. Thom says the sale average was $8.43/lb, which is “way above” 2019 for an average. In 2019, it was $5.03/lb. Fifty new buyers bid on Saturday for a total of 258.

Thom says 28 head of steers sold at an average of $4.67/lb. The high was $10/lb. Twenty-seven head of lambs sold at an average of $10.52/lb. The high was $24/lb. And 84 head of pigs sold at an average of $9.01/lb. The high was $37/lb.

While sale numbers were up, animals were down. Having a year without the fair may have deterred exhibitors from showing animals, Thom says.

 Pigs, Ducks, & Goats Race To The Finish Line

Jennifer Skibba of Pleasure Valley Farms in Sheboygan County shares how she cares for her pigs, ducks, and goats and teaches them to race. In addition to traveling to county fairs across the state with her racing farm animals, her family farm also produces pumpkins. 

Country Roots 4-H Thanks Farmers

The Country Roots 4-H Club members used the Wisconsin Needs Farmers yard signs and t-shirts in their fair decorations. Mackenzie Mattke, the proud owner of the grand champion hog, says farmers provide everything from fuel to the food on our tables. Mattke also shares how she felt when the fair was canceled last year.