Jefferson County Fair To Return With New Features 

Kicking off with the theme “Red White and Blue, This Fair’s for You” fairgoers will be sure to find something for everyone to enjoy. 

Running July 10-14 the Jefferson County Fair is back and has a fun-filled week packed with lots of entertainment. 

“It’s for everybody. I enjoyed it as a child and I enjoy it as an adult,” says Kassidy Hege, Jefferson County Fair Coordinator. “And I want other people to feel the same way I do for the fair. It’s a community event and we’re super excited to see new faces and faces we’ve seen before.” 

The Jefferson County Fair is a multigenerational fair that started in 1852. It was started by a couple of farmers that wanted to showcase their animals and crops and has grown exponentially since then. The same families that even started the show then, are still showing and a part of it now. 

“It’s something we’re super proud of,” says Abby Schopen, Events Manager. “We really are super inclusive within that community”. 

One new feature they are excited to introduce is “Heart Of The Park” with different themes to showcase every day.

“There is space in the middle of the park that is usually just an empty gravel parking lot, and so we decided to put some things there,” says Schopen.

She adds that there has been excitement around the participation already. 

For the first time at the Jefferson County Fair, there will be a rodeo for grandstand entertainment. This will take place Friday, July 12 in addition to music entertainment running every day from noon to midnight.

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