It’s National Eat A Cranberry Day

Peter Barca, the Secretary of the Department of Revenue and Tom Lochner, Executive Director of the Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association (WSCGA) invite you to enjoy sales-tax free dried cranberries on this next National Eat Cranberry Day, November 23, 2021.

“It had been a paradox in our state sales tax laws that dried cranberries were taxed, while certain candy bars were sales tax exempt,” said Secretary of the Department of Revenue, Peter Barca.  “It was a pleasure to work with the WSCGA staff to assist in the effort to eliminate the sales tax from dried cranberries, after all, Wisconsin is the largest and best producer of cranberries in the nation.” 

WSCGA Executive Director Tom Lochner added, “We are grateful for the work of the Department of Revenue on eliminating the sales tax from dried cranberries. Now Wisconsinites can purchase and enjoy this nutritious food without the burden of sales tax, just like any other dried fruit.”

According to the WSCGA, the Wisconsin cranberry industry has a billion-dollar impact on Wisconsin’s economy each year and supports thousands of jobs across the state.  Wisconsin produces more than half the world’s cranberries and has led the world in cranberry production for 27 consecutive years.

“Hopefully, Wisconsinites and others will discover that dried cranberries are the best ingredient in trail mix, and of course what Thanksgiving would be complete without cranberries.” said Secretary Barca.