Iowa County Tops State Livestock Judging

The State 4-H Livestock Judging Contest was held on Tuesday, June 22nd at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds in Jefferson, WI. The venue allowed for county 4-H livestock judging teams the opportunity to apply their skills in evaluating beef, sheep, swine, and goat classes in hopes of qualifying for the national livestock judging event this coming fall.

There were thirteen senior teams and eighteen junior teams that participated at this year’s event. The contest consisted of evaluating classes of market and breeding beef, market and breeding swine, market and breeding sheep, and breeding goats, as well as answering questions and delivering sets of oral reasons.

The top two teams in the Senior Division will go on to represent Wisconsin at the National Judging Contest this fall. Iowa County took top honors for the senior division. Team Members included Ellen Robinson, Anna Robinson, Emma Steffes, Joseph Robinson, and Jimmy Tibbits. They were coached by Jeff Thomas, Mike Robinson, and Matt Heins. Grant County took second place team honors for the seniors. Team members included Luke Patterson, Jessica Patterson, Madelyn Thornton, Avery Crooks, and Shelby Knoble. They were coached by Dennis Patterson. Third Place went to Pierce County. Team members included Cora Capatske, Jordan Lamb, and Zack Peterson. They were coached by Caleb Dressen and Megan Geraets. Fourth Place was Juneau County. Team members: Ethan Lulich, Morgan Firlus, and Tyler Schwartz. The team is coached by Daniel Walsh. Fifth Place went to Crawford County. Team members: Chad Achenbach, Lily Mitchell and Marie Achenbach. They were coached by Amy Mitchell.

The top ten senior individual results: 1st: Ellen Robinson (Iowa), 2nd: Anna Robinson (Iowa), 3rd: Luke Patterson (Grant), 4th: Emma Steffes (Iowa), 5th: Signe Kind (Jefferson), 6th: Brayden Peter (Sheboygan), 7th: Chad Achenbach (Crawford), 8th: Ethan Lulich (Juneau), 9th: Cora Capatske (Pierce), and 10th: Joseph Robinson (Iowa).

The top reasons team was Iowa County. Team members included Emma Steffes, Anna Robinson, Ellen Robinson, Joseph Robinson, and Jimmy Tibbits. The top ten individuals in reasons: 1st: Emma Steffes (Iowa), 2nd: Anna Robinson (Iowa), 3rd: Ellen Robinson (Iowa), 4th: Brayden Peter (Sheboygan), 5th: Luke Patterson (Grant), 6th: Ethan Lulich (Juneau), 7th: Joseph Robinson (Iowa), 8th: Morgan Firlus (Juneau), 9th: Jessica Patterson (Grant), and 10th: Madelyn Thornton (Grant).

Top senior team honors in all three subspecies categories, beef, sheep/goats, and swine, went to Iowa County. Top beef individual was Emma Steffes of Iowa County. Top sheep/goat individual was Anna Robinson of Iowa County. And top individual for swine was Ellen Robinson of Iowa County.

The top junior team was Iowa County A. Team members included Payton Heins, Johnathon Robinson, Cole Schauff, and Luke Schubert. They were coached by Jeff Thomas, Mike Robinson, and Matt Heins. The second-place junior team was Jefferson County A. Team members included Megan Doherty, Rylee Brattlie, Elliott Small, and Logan Hoyt. They were coached by Ed Bielinski. Third Place went to Pierce County A. Team Members included Adam Capatske, Milo Shafer, Addison Neidermyer, and Cadie Asher. The team was coached by Caleb Dressen and Megan Geraets. Fourth Place was Jackson County. Team members included Jacob Kling, Morgan Berg, Bryce Laufenberg, Amara Streff, Justin Kling, and Jonathan Heistad. The team was coached by Jessie Oberlin. Fifth Place went to Grant County. Team Members included Cameron Patterson, Leah Patterson, Libby Vogt, Anna Drinkwater, Aiden Patterson, and Kegan Patterson. They were coached by Dennis Patterson.

The top ten junior individual results: 1st: Jacob Kling (Jackson), 2nd: Payton Heins (Iowa A), 3rd: Brody Maroszek (Outagamie), 4th: Johnathon Robinson (Iowa A), 5th: Cole Schauff (Iowa A), 6th: Megan Doherty (Jefferson A), 7th: Summer Rake (Columbia), 8th: Brooke Mitchell (Crawford), 9th: Mariah Schwartz (Juneau), 10th: Cameron Patterson (Grant).

For the juniors, top beef team went to Iowa County A, top swine team went to Columbia County and top sheep/goat team also went to Iowa County A. Top beef individual was Payton Heins of Iowa County A. Top swine individual was Brooke Mitchell of Crawford County. And top sheep individual was Cameron Patterson of Grant County.

Sponsors for the State 4-H Livestock contest include: The Milwaukee Stockyards, Wisconsin 4-H Foundation, Andis Foundation, Buell Gunderson Memorial, Equity Livestock Coop, UW Division of Extension, and UW-Madison Animal & Dairy Sciences Departments. Extension Youth Livestock Specialist, Bernie O’Rourke, UW-Madison Animal & Dairy Science Department and a 4-H advisory group organized the event.

For more information about Wisconsin’s Youth Livestock Program, contact Bernie O’Rourke (608) 263-4304, [email protected]