Interning In America’s Dairyland

This is a series summer intern, Michelle Stangler, has launched looking for advice and insights for students interested in Wisconsin Agriculture.

Going out of state for an internship may be risky, but beneficial.

Jessica Schmitt, Editorial Intern at Hoard’s Dairyman, is native to Fort Atkinson, Iowa and a student at Iowa State triple majoring in dairy science, agricultural communications, and international agriculture. Coming from a dairy background, she was excited to be surrounded by dairy producers in Wisconsin for the summer.

Schmitt knew this experience was for her since she says, “I grew up reading Hoard’s and I have quite the collection at home of their magazine.” From there, she applied to the opportunity and is staying busy writing the monthly farm flashes in the print Hoard’s Dairyman magazine. Schmitt says she, “takes a scientific study and converts it to something more attainable and easy to understand.” Not only has she been writing constantly, but also traveled to see the Top Producing Holstein Cow in Platteville, Wisconsin.

A career where she can impact the dairy industry further would be the perfect spot for her after graduation. “I’m really hopeful for finding a new way to reach out to our consumers and make sure they understand that dairy cows are raised and produced in a proper manner and that dairy farmers care for them with the utmost care we have” Schmitt says.

“Internships are so vital” Schmitt says and adds, “Each year I progressively learn more and more and I know it will add to my skill set and experiences. I know when I enter a career, I will be more knowledgeable opposed to not having these internships.”

Her and many other students are interning across the state of Wisconsin in agriculture. If you’re an intern, recent college graduate, or involved in a company wanting to share your advice contact [email protected] for a feature on the weekly segment – The Future Of Agriculture Is Bright!