Intern Returned Back To Agriculture

After attending college classes for a semester to pursue a possible career in the automotive industry, Lily Kussman changed her major after missing the community in agriculture!

Kussman is a CHS Larsen Crop Scout Intern and began with not much prior knowledge about the industry. Now, Kussman is considering to pursue a career in the agronomy pathway. Kussman says, “I first found my passion for agriculture when I was working on a dairy farm in Lake Mills.” Kussman changed her major because she says, “I found I really enjoyed the people in the agricultural industry and how many different aspects there were and how you’re constantly learning.”

Kussman is learning more about diseases, pest control, and growth stages of different crops. “One thing I experienced that I haven’t noticed before was seeing different kinds of crop diseases such as northern leaf blight” Kussman says and she says she is tasked with, “learning how we can control those in an efficient way and help the yield stay as high as possible.” Her job with being a crop scout is important Kussman says, “If you’re not out in the field looking at it, you might overlook it.”

“I would like to encourage anyone who is thinking about it to join the agricultural industry – especially women! There’s so many opportunities, scholarships for school, and so much support!” Kussman says.

This is a series summer intern, Michelle Stangler, has launched throughout the summer looking for advice and insights for students interested in Wisconsin Agriculture.