I Know You’re Busy, But…

It’s fall and that means it’s time to review a few quick safety tips before we get lost in the busy of the harvest season. The tips below from AgrAbility include content from Extension Specialist John Shutske.

  1. LIGHT it up!
    Before going on the road, be certain your lights work and are visible (not covered in dirt or dust). Slow Moving Vehicle signs are a given, but also remember to put on your flashers and use your turn signals. This can be easy to check when you have down time waiting for a load in the field.
  2. Check your maintenance schedule.
    Equipment and machinery should be going into the harvest season in tip top shape. It’s much safer, and it can even save you money by preventing a costly breakdown in the field. This includes keeping the engine compartment clean and clear of debris to prevent fires.
  3. Know BEFORE You Go
    Finding good help (including equipment operation) is a challenge. Make sure your crew is knowledgeable about the safety protocol for all the equipment they might be using and comfortable with their role and tasks before they get in the field.
  4. Slow and Steady
    Accidents tend to happen when we rush. It might feel like it’s easier to push through and do it alone, but take the time to it right. It could save your life.