‘Homemade Holiday’ Solves Toy Shortage

Between shipping delays and product shortages, Christmas lists will be trimmed. According to national news headlines, those harder-to-get items this year include electronics, shoes and Barbies, to name a few.

So perhaps this is the year where Christmas doesn’t come from a store. Thorp High School Family and Consumer Sciences teacher, longtime 4-H leader and farmer Holly Noah says this holiday season can include giving the gift of time, homemade crafts and food, and family activities.

Noah says it’s unfortunate that families will see the impact of supply chain disruption under their Christmas tree, but this experience can wake people up to being creative, being together and having a simpler holiday. The pandemic — shutdowns, mandates and work-from-home phenomenon — was an opportunity for folks to try new hobbies, from container gardening to quilting to baking. This holiday is the opportune time to showcase those new skills or try a new one with the family, Noah says. And as prices go up at the store, she says this is the year where folks can spend time instead of money.

And it’s not difficult to do with today’s technology. Noah recommends Pinterest, YouTube and even Facebook groups to learn, practice and complete a project. If family or friends are not getting together this year due to COVID-19 concerns, FaceTime, Facebook Live or Zoom allows people to do these activities together, virtually.

Need ideas? Noah shares it all with the Mid-West Farm Report here: