Holstein All-National Showcase Announced

Holstein Association USA is thrilled to present the 2021 All-National Showcase honorees. Launched in 2019, the All-National Showcase Program recognizes U.S. Registered Holstein® cows and their owners for outstanding performance at National Holstein Shows. Exhibitors from across the country earned points throughout the show season.

“After taking a break in 2020, we are excited to present the second group of All-National Showcase honorees,” says Jodi Hoynoski, Executive Director, Holstein Identification & Member Services. “It has been extra special having Registered Holsteins parade around the ring this year, and we are honored to recognize these outstanding animals and exhibitors.”

Congratulations to the following All-National Holsteins!

The top 10 animals in each class and full details on the All-National Showcase Program rules and point system can be found at www.holsteinusa.com/allnational.

All-National Breeder
James & Nina Burdette, Mercersburg, PA

All-National Exhibitor
Jim Butler, Chebanse, IL

Summer Heifer Calf
All National: BUCKMEADOW US MADELYN, Colt & Luke Buckley, KY
Reserve All-National: EXPRESS-SMD VITTORIA, Express Holsteins & Stan-Mar-Dale Holsteins, OH

Spring Heifer Calf
All National: WINDY-KNOLL-VIEW PESKY, Jim Butler, IL
Reserve All-National: REYNCREST DLAMBDA LIT UP, Reyncrest Farms Inc., NY

Winter Heifer Calf
All National: GLEN-PAUL WARRIOR BACARDI, Audrey Sidle & Marissa & Logan Topp, OH
Reserve All-National: BUDWEISERS DNVR BROOKLYN-ET, Jim Butler, IL

Fall Heifer Calf
All National: MS REBAS RAVEN BEAUTY-ET, Glamourview – Iager & Walton, MD
Reserve All-National: BORDERVIEW DENVER CHLOE-ET, Brian & Becky McGee & Vickie Roudabush, PA

Summer Yearling Heifer
All National: TOPPGLEN GOLDCHIP WAKIKI, Colton Thomas & Caroline Egolf, OH
Reserve All-National: MERRILLEA BITTY BUG, Merrillea Holsteins, NY

Spring Yearling Heifer
All National: KIMBALL-WAY GDWYN MONDAY-ET, Glamourview – Iager & Walton, MD
Reserve All-National: CHEERS AVALANCHE CHARLEY-ET, Rocco Cunningham, CA

Winter Yearling Heifer
All National: MS LACES UPGRADE LACIE-ET, Jim Butler, IL
Reserve All-National: TAL-VIEW TATOO PISTOL, Michael & Julie Duckett & Matt L Hawbaker, WI

Fall Yearling Heifer
All National: MILKSOURCE UNIX CHASSUP-ET, Jacob & Logan Harbaugh & Erin R Viergutz, WI
Reserve All-National: BANOWETZ DIAMOND RING, Shawn & Levi Banowetz, IA

Milking Yearling
All National: ROSEMARY UNIX GOLDIE, Jim Butler, IL
Reserve All-National: DUCKETT UNIX LACY, Triple-T Holsteins, R Pierick & S McWilliams, OH

Summer Junior Two-Year-Old Cow
All National: B-J-GROVE UNIX CHEROKEE, Kasey E Clanton, IL
Reserve All-National: ESPERANZA-CC THUNDERSTRUCK, Jim Butler, IL

Junior Two-Year-Old Cow
All National: HOBBY-HILL DENVER ELIZABETH, Gracin & Chesney Speich, WI
Reserve All-National: LADYROSE CAUGHT YOUR EYE-ET, GenoSource, IA

Senior Two-Year-Old Cow
All National: TREE-HAYVEN TATOO LAST SONG, Michael & Julie Duckett, WI
Reserve All-National: PINELAND TATOO POUTINE, Jacalyn C. Bortner, PA

Junior Three-Year-Old Cow
All National: DINAS D DELORA-ET, Hogge, Dymentholm & Wadeland So Dairy LLC, UT
Reserve All-National: WRIGHTVALE DOORMAN LIVVY, MB Luckylady Farm, CA

Senior Three-Year-Old Cow
All National: OAK-RIDGE-K GCHIP TURBO, Milk Source LLC & Ransom Rail Farms Inc, WI
Reserve All-National: HERITAGEGRD HIOC CABARET-ET, Elmvue Farm, NY

Four-Year-Old Cow
All National: STONE-FRONT UNION IMELDA, The Imelda Group, WI
Reserve All-National: OAKFIELD SOLOM FOOTLOOSE-ET, M & J Duckett, Vierra Dairy & T & S Abbott, WI

Five-Year-Old Cow
All National: K-HURST ARMANI DAZED-ET, Jay R. Ackley, OH
Reserve All-National: RUANN DOORMAN JEAN-55162-ET, Stephen & Patrick Maddox, CA

Six-Year-Old & Older Cow
All National: GLEANN BRADY PRIVATEER, M & S Mitchell, B Engleking , J Eby & Rosay Farm, TN
Reserve All-National: ERBACRES SNAPPLE SHAKIRA-ET, Ferme Antelimarck 2001 Inc, Ferme Jacobs Inc, Ty-D Holsteins, Kilian Theraulaz, & C&F Jacobs, QC 

150,000 Lb. Lifetime Milk Production Cow
All National: BLONDIN GOLDWYN SUBLIMINAL-ETS, Peter & Lyn Vail & Budjon Farms, WI
Reserve All-National: FARNEAR TBR ARIA ADLER-ET, A Simon, A Dougherty, M Rauen T & R Simon, IA