Gov. Evers Celebrates Dairy Month

Governor Evers joins Wisconsin agriculturists in celebrating National Dairy Month in the month of June from the Wisconsin State Capitol. Wisconsin has a long and proud tradition as “American’s Dairyland” and Governor Evers celebrates the role that our dairy industry plays in Wisconsin’s collective heritage, culture, and identity. He shares a video message with Wisconsinites to kick off the month-long celebration.

“With more than 1.2 million dairy cows across our state and more than 95% of our dairy farms being family-owned, it’s impossible to go anywhere in Wisconsin and not be reminded how critically important the dairy industry is to our state,” Evers said. Wisconsin is home to nearly 7,000 dairy farms spread across the state. These farms play a vital role in Wisconsin contributing $45.6 billion dollars to the state’s economy.

Wisconsin is also unique regarding the products made available to consumers from the dairy industry. “As one of the nation’s top producers of dairy and supplier of more than a quarter of the country’s cheese, no one does dairy quite like us,” Evers says. Along with being the top producer of cheese in the United States, Wisconsin proudly boasts the production of many other dairy products. He says, “whether it’s a cheese curd, custard, a glass of milk, or—my favorite—ice cream, this Dairy Month, join me in supporting Wisconsin’s dairy farmers and producers who work every day to make Wisconsin great.”