Getting Answers For Dairy Producers

Wisconsin Farm Bureau supports the bipartisan Dairy Pricing and Policy Commission Act introduced by Reps. Ron Kind (D-WI) and Mike Gallagher (R-WI). This bill would establish a commission to analyze and review challenges facing dairy farmers. Recommendations will focus on many of the current pricing issues facing Wisconsin’s dairy farmers along with better supply chain coordination and identifying additional export opportunities.

“Farmers have faced a number of challenges during the pandemic, especially dairy farmers,” WFBF President Kevin Krentz. “We are pleased to see that Congressman Kind and Congressman Gallagher are taking action and drawing attention to the issues within the dairy community.”

The closing of schools and restaurants along with the already low price of milk have increased uncertainty for dairy farmers. In addition, Wisconsin dairy farms have seen decades of bankruptcies with western Wisconsin leading the country prior to the pandemic.

“Government intervention in markets has never been something farmers have asked for, but we appreciate the support we have received on a federal level,” added Krentz. “There is no doubt Congressional action has saved a number of farms, but we need to look at options for long-term solutions which we are hoping is what this commission will achieve.”

With a balanced mix of farmers, processors, industry and research faculty, the Dairy Pricing and Policy Commission will examine historic data and trends from the dairy industry and make recommendations towards a more stable and transparent dairy pricing formula moving forward.

In addition to supporting the Dairy Pricing and Policy Commission Act, WFBF is working with national partners to examine federal dairy pricing structures and incorporate additional flexibilities to make sure producers are receiving a fair price for their milk.