FS Crop Tour Surprised By Yields So Far

FS agronomists are canvasing the Midwest collecting corn yield data as harvest gets underway. States with FS agronomists on the ground collecting data for the 2023 FS Crop Tour include Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

Crop Specialist Matt O’Leary out of Waupun is one of the scouts canvassing corn fields in Wisconsin. The sample size has been small, but he says folks have been surprised so far at their yield projections after a difficult growing season.

The data collected, including estimated yield and number of locations sampled, is uploaded to the FS Agronomy Yield Analyzer: https://agronomyapps.growmark.com/YieldAnalyzer

The tool clusters the map points, consolidated by a specific geographic area, and calculates the estimated yield of that area. The data is constantly changing as agronomists input new data daily.

“We can harness the power of our System with the yield analyzer because it allows each crop specialist in the Midwest to not only see how their field-level estimations are coming, but how it compares to the estimations throughout our System,” says Senior Agronomist Seth Geisler.

O’Leary credits seed genetics for pulling the corn crop out of a drought. The silver lining of the dry conditions is that disease pressure for things like tar spot have been low.

As of Sep. 15, the FS Agronomy Yield Analyzer App reported these estimates by state:

  • Kentucky, 226 bushels per acre with 71 locations sampled.
  • Ohio, 224 bushels per acre with 12 locations sampled.
  • Michigan, 216 bushels per acre with four locations sampled.
  • Illinois, 213 bushels per acre with 282 locations sampled.
  • Iowa, 213 bushels per acre with 178 locations sampled.
  • Missouri, 212 bushels per acre with 17 locations sampled.
  • Wisconsin, 209 bushels per acre with 11 locations sampled.