Fresh Asparagus – Yes!

If you like asparagus, this is the year for you! Because this year’s asparagus season is shaping up to be good as harvest is even ahead of schedule. That’s according to Nathan Bula from Spears-R-Us in Adams.

Despite early season setbacks caused by unforeseen weather fluctuations, including abnormally warm weather in February followed by frost, Bula remains optimistic. Natural rain patterns have provided a boon, facilitating optimal nitrogen uptake for robust spear growth. While initial losses were incurred due to the frost, the farm’s resilient asparagus plants are rebounding vigorously, promising a strong finish to the season.

“This asparagus season is the earliest it’s ever been as we started harvesting May 3,” says Bula. “Last year we started around May 10. We’re expecting to be harvesting until the end of June and get about two thousand pounds every day.”

Innovative techniques and equipment further streamline his harvesting operations. Bula uses Easy Pick Harvesters to revolutionize the process, combining efficiency with precision to ensure only the freshest, most desirable spears reach consumers’ tables. This commitment to quality extends beyond the field, with rigorous grading and cutting procedures ensuring that only the finest asparagus makes it to market.

He adds that the demand for organic asparagus in Wisconsin has been great. He has been pleasantly pleased with the customer base that was existing already that the old owners created and then the new customer base that he has been able to generate as well.

The Spears-R-Us storefront allows them to sell directly to consumers from the farm. For consumers seeking the best asparagus, Bula offers simple advice.

“For the best asparagus, you should look for tight heads and firm and white stalks,” he explains.

Spears-R-Us is located at 1026 County Road E in Adams, Wisconsin. Along with their fresh asparagus, they also work with other farmers to have a diverse range of vegetables available. They carry maple syrup, flowers, locally made cutting boards, and even some pickled asparagus.