Fire Chief Talks Prevention And Response

The Pittsville Fire Department’s partnership with the National Farm Medicine Center has allowed programming and training for responses to farm accidents and emergencies, says Pittsville Fire Chief Jerry Minor, which includes barn fire prevention.

Minor explains that the fire department cannot inspect your farm like they can a commercial building, so he encourages farmers to invite their local department on farm to create a response plan in case of an emergency. 

Proper storage of chemicals and flammable liquids, up-to-code electrical systems, and housekeeping to remove dust can prevent a fire on your farm. But what happens when there is an emergency?

Chief Minor says that farms can be a complex place when it comes to emergencies, which doesn’t just include fires. 

Having a response plan with your staff can also prove beneficial in case of an emergency, says Chief Minor. Knowing where fire extinguishers or first aid equipment are located, and being able to effectively communicate with 911 personnel, can help with response time.