Farm Wiring Program Here To Help

Proper wiring and grounding of electrical systems can increase the safety and well-being of your farm investments.

Alliant Energy, and many other energy companies and cooperatives, offer a wiring program in Wisconsin designed to increase farm safety, productivity and efficiency, while decreasing the potential for stray voltage on livestock farms.

Graham Cassellius is an ag specialist with Alliant Energy working directly with farmers through the Farm Wiring Program. He gives us the details of the program:

Program Details

● Receive incentive grants of up to $10,000 per wiring project.
● Alliant Energy pays the first $1,000.
● After the first $1,000, Alliant Energy pays 50% of the remaining cost (up to $9,000 on most farms.)
● Dairy customers are eligible for an additional $10,000 cost share.


● Wisconsin Alliant Energy electric customers who file an IRS Schedule F tax form are eligible.
● New construction and upgrades to existing buildings are eligible projects.
● Contact your energy service provider or cooperative to see if a similar program exists.