Five years ago Beverly Hampton Pfeifer and her husband Coleman Pfeifer started a pretty unique business. Today Premier Animal Logistics hauls domestic and exotic animals across the United States. Beverly says despite growing up on a dairy, having exotic animals around was a way of life for her and launched her into their current hauling business. But hauling everything from giraffes to tigers takes more than just specialty trailers and equipment, Beverly says having experience and a network of people across the country in case things go wrong is key. 

A lifetime around animals turned into a unique business for Beverly Hampton Pfeifer. Beverly grew up on a North Carolina dairy farm, and today not only is she the Director of Animal Care for the National Dairy FARM Program, she and her husband also own Premier Animal Logistics. The logistics business does haul the typical domestic animals you would think of on a farm, but their specialty is hauling exotic animals from coast to coast.

Beverly says that over the last 5 years she and her husband Coleman Pfeifer have grown and expanded their business. Many of their customers are zoos and animal parks and beyond just hauling their exotic animals between points, these customers also count on the couple to help play matchmaker. Coleman often fields calls from customers looking to bring in different genetics or just grow their herd.

The hauling part of the business takes both specialized knowledge and equipment. With some hauls taking multiple days, knowing the habits of each of the exotic animals they haul is key. Beverly says some animals prefer not to eat before the stress of being on the road, while others need to have time out of the trailer. The couple says they have a small network of places across the country that they can use as stopping points should an animal need a break or if something happens along the way that requires a layover.

Beverly also shares that the company has many trailers designed to fit different needs for the animals they haul. Their custom giraffe trailer is only one of a handful in the country and is eighteen feet tall. Another trailer they use has both heat and air conditioning to keep animals comfortable. When asked about the most unique animal they’ve hauled Beverly shared that while the giraffes are a fan favorite, hauling white and black rhinos has been her most interesting animal so far.