Executive Announces Retirement

Equity Cooperative Livestock Sales Association announces that Tod Fleming, Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer, has announced his retirement. Tod has been dedicated to Equity Cooperative Livestock Sales Association for 34 years, beginning his career in 1988.

Throughout the years, Tod has been responsible for directing and supporting effective and efficient livestock marketing operations. In addition to Equity’s auction markets, field services, trucking, order buying, feeding programs and commodities services, he encouraged the development of diverse marketing options that would respond to the changing needs of the producers and help ensure a financially viable future for them and the Cooperative.

In a news release, Julie Klitzke, Executive Administrative Assistant for Equity Cooperative Livestock Sales Association, said the following about Tod Fleming.

“Tod was instrumental in planning and promoting educational development programs for proper livestock handling, quality beef production and cattle evaluation for employees and producers.

He represented the interests of Equity and its members through the participation on state and national boards including Wisconsin Beef Council, Wisconsin Veterinary Diagnostic Lab Board, Wisconsin Livestock Identification Consortium, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, and Livestock Marketing Association.

His strategic style of leadership has helped our Cooperative continue to be a leader in the livestock
marketing industry.

We wish Tod all the best, and we hope he enjoys a happy, healthy, well-deserved retirement!”