Ensuring E15 Is Available Year Round

American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) commended the bipartisan group of Midwestern governors for their letter to Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Michael Regan, announcing their intention of exploring all options to ensure retailers can continue to sell E15 all year long without interruption and requesting an open a dialogue with EPA to make this happen.

In the letter, the governors expressed interest in pursuing an approach under the Clean Air Act to promulgate regulations that would put E10 and E15 on equal footing with regard to volatility limitations, thus re-opening the door to year-round sales of both fuels. “Specifically, Section 211(h)(5) of the Act establishes that upon the request from the Governor of a State, the Administrator shall apply volatility limitations to gasoline-ethanol blends that exclude the benefit of the 1-pound per square inch (psi) Reid vapor pressure (RVP) waiver provided to E10 in Section 211(h)(4),” the letter stated. “If approved, it is our understanding that such a request would result in a volatility limitation of 9 psi for both E10 and E15 in conventional gasoline areas, thereby establishing a level playing field and allowing retailers to use the same gasoline blendstock for both blends all year long.”

“Given the sense of urgency to ensure uninterrupted availability of E15 year-round in all parts of the country, we are enormously grateful that these Midwest governors are deploying their influence to protect this growing clean fuel market in their states and the investments of fuel marketers, biofuel producers, USDA, and state governments to expand consumer access to a low-cost, clean fuel blend, so it can continue to reduce emissions from transportation,” said Brian Jennings, ACE CEO.

“Since 2019, E15 adoption at retail sites has rapidly expanded and extending the 1-psi RVP waiver to E15 only makes sense to reflect the realities of today’s motor fuel market and year-over-year track record of successful growth,” Jennings added. “Losing E15 sales next summer would harm everyone through even higher pump prices and greenhouse gas and tailpipe emissions.”

“ACE stands by these Governors as they pursue all options to ensure E15, a clean and safe fuel with lower RVP emissions than E10 and straight gasoline, can still be sold next summer, and urges EPA to respond to this request in a timely manner,” Jennings said.

Governors Kim Reynolds (R-Iowa), Pete Ricketts (R-Nebraska), Tim Walz (D-Minnesota), Tony Evers (D-Wisconsin), Doug Burgum (R-North Dakota), Kristi Noem (R-South Dakota), and Mike Parson (R-Missouri) signed the letter. Gov. Laura Kelly (D-Kansas) also announced she hopes to speak with Administrator Regan about exploring all options to secure access to E15 year-round in a letter last month.