Enroll In Dairy Goat Academy

The 2021 Dairy Goat Academy is 2 weeks away! September 24 at Southwest Tech In Fennimore Wisconsin. This years event features a Premier Presenter Lineup for Meat and Dairy Goat Producers, as well as a vendors fair and producer networking! Enroll now!


8:00 AM


9:00 AM

Welcome and Keynote Presentation: Chilton Dairy: Raising Goats in America’s Dairyland

10:00 AM

  • Meat Goat Farm Tour Virtual tour of a commercial grain-free pastured meat goat herd- Cherrie Nolden,1dr Acres Farm
  • Goat Milk Sweets, Learn how to make a variety of goat milk goodies! -Cindy Hoehne Rainbow Ridge Farm
  • PR in AG, or, more accurately, “My Grandparents Didn’t Need a P.R. Person … Why Do I?” -Avi Stern, Director of Public Affairs for Milk Source LLC

11:00 AM

  • Goat Procedures-Dr. Sally, Lancaster Veterinary Office
  • Environmental sustainability of dairy goats – How do they compare to Dairy Cattle and other species- Dr Plummer

12:00 PM

Lunch – Vendor Introductions

1:00 PM

  • Health Assessment and Necropsy in Meat Goats -Dr Sally, Lancaster Veterinary Office
  • Nutrition and Kid care after weaning- Morgan Allen, Ruminant Nutritionist, Big Gain, Inc.
  • Assuring dairy goat well-being using benchmarking and lameness monitoring-Dr. JK Shearer Professor and Extension Veterinarian- Iowa State, College of Veterinarian Medicine

2:00 PM

  • The Business Of Goat Grazing-Aron Steele, Founder, Goats On The Go®
  • Managing does during Transition-Morgan Allen, Ruminant Nutritionist, Big Gain, Inc.
  • Abortions – Dr. Plummer, Iowa State College of Veterinarian Medicine

3:00 PM

  • Meat Goats for Pasture, Profit, and Personal Growth- Aron Steele, Founder, Goats On The Go®
  • Producer Panel-Michelle and Tad Ellinghuysen 2 Creeks Farm and Lacey Leona Jean Manager, Udder Alternative Dairy and Windy Prairie Goat Dairy and Anna Thompson Hajdik, Legendairy Toggenburgs

4:00 PM

Vendor Fair /Cheese Social /Door Prizes- Lenz

View the Complete Schedule and enroll here: https://www.swtc.edu/academics/certificates/dairy-goat-academy